Custom Sewing Review Payment

Custom Sewing Review Fee


Clients must pay a Custom Sewing Review Fee of $60 for Custom Work. Custom Sewing Fee is due at the time of Custom Sewing request. Up to $60 of the fee will be refunded to you in the event that we are unable to accept your project.

The Custom Sewing Review Fee compensates us for the time we need to research materials costs as well as calculate the approximate hours required to complete the project. It is billed so that we are paid for our time whether or not the project is accepted.

Estimates are an approximate calculation of project cost, and may be adjusted by Bloomington Stitchery during project completion. Client will be notified of any proposed adjustment in cost at the earliest opportunity. It is NOT possible for Bloomington Stitchery to give an exact price before the project is completed.

Artistic Renderings/Fashion Sketches are billed separately.

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Up to $60 will be refunded to you in the event that we cannot accept the project, and depends upon how much time we spend reviewing the project.